What to do in the garden in February

February garden

What to do in the garden in February?  February is here and you can start preparing for new Spring growth (although the mild Winter has brought plenty of spring growth early this year).  Prune winter-flowering shrubs and roses before they start actively growing, start Begonia tubers into growth and move deciduous trees and shrubs before they start into active growth.

Now is your last chance to prune apple trees and pear trees as well as autumn-fruiting raspberry plants. Prepare for beautiful summer clematis displays by pruning before active growth begins.  Buy some new spring bulbs ‘in the green’ for even more jewel-like flowers next spring.

Select you first potatoes and start chitting them in shallow boxes or empty egg cartons in a cool, bright, frost free position (10C/ 50F) to allow them to sprout.

Sow tomatoes, chilli peppers and aubergines  All these crops benefit from a long growing season. Start them in a warm room or heated propagator aiming for 18-21℃.

More stuff to do in your February garden