What to do in the garden in March

what to do in the garden in March

What to do in the garden in March? Spring is here and you can appreciate all the bursting buds and new growth in your garden as well as planning what to do in the garden in March.  Finish pruning your roses and hydrangeas.  Dig in organic matter such as well-rotted manure or compost (or spread on the surface if you like no-dig gardening) and mulch your plants including trees, shrubs and perennials.

Sow flowering annuals indoors. The warmth of the house will encourage fast germination at the start of the month. Young seedlings can then be moved to a cold frame or cold greenhouse for slow steady growth ahead of planting out.

Start begonia and dahlia tubers into growth in shallow trays of compost on a warm windowsill. Leave the tops of begonias exposed, but bury last year’s growth point on dahlia tubers just below the surface.  Now is your last chance to cut back autumn-fruiting raspberry canes to the ground and plan where to put new raspberry varieties…

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