What to do in the garden in July

july garden

What to do in the garden in July? Trim and fertilise hanging baskets to give them a boost and they will flower again within a few weeks. Continue to dead-head your perennial plants, bedding plants and roses to help keep summer displays looking fresh and encourage more flowers.

Now is your last chance to feed your lawn with a high-nitrogen fertiliser to promote lush green growth. Feeding your lawn after this time will encourage too much new growth which won’t harden off in time for the winter. Continue to train and tie in the new soft shoots on climbing plants such as clematis and climbing roses. Cherries and other stone fruit should not be pruned during winter to reduce the risk of infection by silver leaf so July is the ideal time to prune cherry trees.

Look for garlic and onion foliage starting to turn brown and fall over, indicating the right time to harvest the bulbs. Leave to dry on the ground or bring them indoors if rain is forecast.

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