Onion ‘Supasweet’™ (Dulcinea) F1 Hybrid


A breeding breakthrough! Onion Supasweet™ (Dulcinea) is the first commercial variety of sweet and mild bulb onions available to UK gardeners. The large semi-globe, copper-skinned bulbs of Onion Supasweet™ are so sweet and juicy they can be eaten raw providing you with a full range of health benefits including vitamin C and the antioxidant, quercetin. Bulbs are best used as required, as they are not renowned for their storage capabilities. Please note: Onion flavour (its sweetness and mildness) is significantly affected by soil type, weather conditions and its sulphur content. Light, sandy soils produce the highest levels of sweetness, whereas clay and dark organic soils can result in bulbs with a stronger flavour
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