Cucumber & Courgette 6 Jumbo Plants


Great Tasting & Prolific Cropping Vegetables Cucumber Peticue: A fantastic mini Cucumber, producing a large yield of fruit throughout the summer. Best picked when a length of 6-8ins (15-20cm) is reached. A short-vined variety, full of flavour, ideal for container growing indoors or out. Harvesting time from June to October. Courgette Tristan F1: Courgette Tristan F1 is a smooth variety of Courgette with a great taste. a big cropper and open in habit. Harvesting time from June to September.Cucumbers and Courgettes are easy to grow, produce masses of fruit and will ensure you eat an abundance of green vegetables this Summer. A perfect addition to your vegetable patch, or a corner of your garden.
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