Clematis ‘Yukikomachi’


Clematis ‘Yukikomachi’ is an unusual, elegant Japanese variety of Old Man’s Beard. The hardy climber’s most notable features are its pale lilac – almost white – flowers, with petals tinted with a wash of feint purple. These blooms can be seen in their full glory in the early summer, although there is also a late flush in September. The cultivar’s compact foliage is equally impressive, for it is ideally suited both to shady flowerbeds and to tricky, north facing walls. Clematis ‘Yukikomachi’ is therefore an excellent choice, whether you are looking for a climber to scramble through the shrubbery or simply a plant to display in a patio container. Height: 2.5m (8’2); Spread: 1m (3’3); Pruning group: 2.
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