Brassica ‘Clubroot Resistant Collection B’


Collection includes the following varieties; Cauliflower Clapton – The first cauliflower with Clubroot resistance. Cauliflower Clapton is a versatile late summer to late autumn maturing variety, depending on its sowing time. Produces excellent flavoured quality, uniform, large, solid and deep white heads. Cabbage Kilaton – Cabbage Kilaton has a high level of Clubroot resistance producing quality, 2kg, autumn ballheads with a solid, dense structure. Superb used for coleslaw, salads or steamed. Cabbage Kilaton F1 Hybrid will stand for a long while in the garden and keep in good condition. It also stores exceptionally well over a long period without deterioration allowing gardeners more time to enjoy its delicious flavour. Brussels Sprout Crispus – Sow this latest clubroot resistant hybrid variety in the spring for an autumn harvest. Excellent standing ability, good vigour and a wonderful flavour make Crispus a ‘must’ for the kitchen garden or allotment. Smooth, dark green buttons hold the stalk well and in good condition. Sow February to March. Harvest September to October
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